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thin crust pizza & SPECIALTY WINGS

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40+ wing flavors!



Located in the trending City of Kingston, Papi's Pizza & Wings is sure to become besties with your taste buds.

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Papi's Pizza & Wings is located at 55 Washington Avenue.  Papi's menu boasts specialty thin crust pizzas, 40 flavors of wings, and quality interpretations of classic go-to dishes and daily specials. Check out the long list of wing flavors which includes Papi's signature Elkin style wings, and the intense Ghost Pepper & Atomic Bomb wings made with locally grown peppers! Not to mention the delicious Colombian side dishes available daily, and the Colombian weekly specials! Quickly becoming a fan favorite is Miranda's secret hot dog sauce.  Have you tried it yet?  It's only on special from time to time- but the fans are begging for it frequently, which means the pots are cooking on the stove more often for them!

Bringing delicious recipes to your taste buds are owners, Elkin "Papi" - the patriarch of the Escobar family and namesake of their famous Elkin wings, and Elkin & Miranda Escobar.  (Yes, there really are 2 Elkins!)  Having grown up in Kingston, Miranda naturally migrated back home after many years, to begin a new adventure with her family.  Elkin (Papi) brought extensive restaurant experience to the new shop which translates through his delicious recipes.  The dream of Papi's Pizza started long ago between the 3 owners and now that the stars have aligned, the Escobar family is cruising along full speed ahead with a passion for food and a commitment to their Papi's fans to bring a whole new taste to the area.

Papi's Pizza & Wings has an inviting and fresh new interior which reflects an industrial, yet cozy vibe where everyone will feel right at home.  Exuding a hip atmosphere, Papi's compliments the awakening of the City of Kingston.  With trendy new shops and restaurants popping up from Uptown to Downtown, the time is now for Papi's, and you are all about to become part of the next best thing in town!  See you there soon!!

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Call in to order! We're committed to ensuring everyone enjoys Papi's. Even if you're a little out of our range, our drivers will meet you! We service Kingston, Hurley, Lake Katrine, Town of Ulster, Bloomington, Rosendale, West Hurley, Port Ewen, Tilson, Ulster Park, Eddyville, St. Remy and everything in between... from uptown to downtown!

Will be back in the fall!
All You Can Eat Wings!

We have Taco Pizza, Taco Wings, Nachos & Chili available!

Different Colombian meals every week... call to see what's on special!

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Thank you for loving Papi's!

We wanted to reach out and express how grateful we are for all of our regular, loyal Papi's fans who kept us going this whole time. In just under 2 years we made some great memories and met so many awesome people. We had a strive for perfection, customer satisfaction and giving our customers an experience worthy of return. We love our community and had a hard time saying no when asked to help out in any way we could.

We did what we did for you, our valued customer. We presented an original menu of spins on classic dishes, with fresh, quality ingredients that made a huge difference in flavor... and introduced Kingston to our famous family recipe, Elkin Style wings. We know you're going to miss them for sure, along with the other 40+ wings flavors! How about our true thin crust pizza? Nothing like it around town! Which was your favorite? The Gourmet, The Uptown, Five Alarm, Loaded Potato, Spin Dip, Pickle Pizza, Sophia's Pie? So many specialty pies! We even had fans coming from an hour away in all different directions to satisfy their taste buds, bringing home extra orders of pizza and wings each time. Kids coming home from college to stop in and get their favorites, pregnant mothers craving Papi's every week, a staple in many homes for Friday night pizza and Sunday wings while watching the game, pizza for birthday parties, party trays for wedding rehearsal dinners, sweet 16's and the holidays, a favorite for late night munchies, and a place for friends to meet up and share a meal.

We could go on and on about all of the things that made it fun for us. The outpouring of love we had this week is remarkable and it makes it that much harder to say good bye to all of you. We only wish that the way you packed into our shop this week to get your last dose of Papi's, was the norm the last few months so that the hardest decision we made didn't have to be. We are sad for you if you didn't get to come in one more time. It was important to us to try and give everyone that chance, but we never anticipated selling out of our stocked week's worth of inventory in 2 nights (10 hours combined)!

Our last order, of our last night was one that will stick in my heart and my mind always. A long time loyal Papi's fan called in just before 9, ordered the last of our wings and pizza, and had me in tears on the phone. She expressed how grateful she was for us and how amazing our staff is in person and on the phone, and how much she loved our food and how much Papi's was a part of her home over the last year.  She's going to miss us, and I'm going to miss that. The main reason it was fun for me to go to "work" every day.  The satisfaction I got when I sent out real good home cooked food, and got the feedback that matched the vision we had for Papi's. So many important items made in house- soups, marinara sauce, pizza sauce, dressings, wing sauces, pizza dough, breaded chicken/ eggplant/ shrimp, hot dog sauce (couldn't get enough of that could you?!). You want a crustless pizza? Sure why not! You're looking for something different because you order 5-6 times per week from us, sure how about a chicken quesadilla? We whipped up whatever you desired because our goal was to serve up delicious meals, whatever it may be.

Our staff is the absolute best. Everyone who was with us since we opened has had their own unique qualities that meshed with the others.  Our core staff has been the most devoted, dedicated, dependable and down to earth human beings. When the decision was made to close Papi's, it was my staff I was most worried about. These people got up and made the choice each day to come to work and keep up the high standards we held to ensure everyone who walked through our door had the best overall experience. We had a lot of laughs together and spent more time together than with our own families, and for those people and the time we shared together, I am grateful. I know they will all do awesome wherever they go, and whomever has the honor of hiring them will not be disappointed! We wrapped up the end of Papi's together and it was nothing short of an emotional time.

We want to thank you again for your support, and for loving Papi's.  We hope you all have a blessed holiday season, and a happy and healthy new year.

We'll see you around town!